New MANUAL helping women through C-section recovery.

The incidence of Caesarean section surgical wound breakdown worldwide is 1.9-7.6% and surgical site infections 3-15%. Education about wound support and care for the 5 layers that have been cut through during surgery is vital for prevention of these complications. The C-section Recovery Manual written by two experienced health care professionals will address this topic.The manual will also cover pain, fatigue, breastfeeding, exercise, mobility, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.


Janine McKnight-Cowan British Empire Medal recipient and Awarded Queens Nurse , author of the FIVE GUIDE-enhancing Caesarean Section Recovery and Leonie Rastas, Nurse, Midwife,Fellow of the Australian College of Nursing, author and creator of ‘CAESAR CARE’, have joined forces to write a recovery manual for mums and their carers.

Jointly having amassed a combined 85 years of midwifery knowledge and hands-on experience aiding recovery from Caesarean section.  

Their new book will be a vital companion to any mother recovering from a caesarean section during their postpartum period.

This dual midwifery narrative allows a mother recovering from surgery, experience this recovery as if you have your own personal virtual midwife visiting for 6 weeks, overseeing your physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

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