Why should women having a Caesarean birth invest in education and resources for their birth?

Current trends see women admitted on the day of surgery and discharged from hospital as early as 24 hours after birth. Many women have a longer hospital stay, however no matter how long the stay, understanding the healing process and taking on more responsibility for your recovery is vital. Caesarcare’s C-section recovery packs contain medical aids and an eBook to support you through the healing period. See the Top 10 tips for safe healthcare outlined in Australian Safety & Quality in Healthcare’s booklet.


Why a birth plan for a Caesarean birth?

Many women having C-section for medical reasons feel disempowered, however there are many ways you can be more engaged in the process. A birth plan highlighting your individual preferences can help you feel more involved, empowered and create a more positive experience for both you and baby.

What is the Splint made from?

A flexible polyethene cylinder roll is covered with a fabric polyester/spandex sleeve which is sealed both ends 

How heavy is the splint?

The splint weighs approximately 60 g

How is the splint used?

The splint should be carefully placed in the region of the incision and gentle pressure applied during movement, supporting the surrounding muscles.Can the splint be used in other applications?

The splint can also be useful for other applications

  • splinting cracked ribs
  • Massaging the abdomen for wind pain
  • stretching back muscles

Can I order in Bulk?

For wholesale pricing, complete our contact form on the contact us page.

Can I have custom printing on the splint?

Customised Splint covers are availableYour Message. Your Way. On Us. When you distribute SACsplints, in addition to providing an important Nursing and Midwifery aid, you can promote your organisation on the splint cover. Orders of 500 or more SACsplints may be customised at no additional cost. 

What size is the splint?

The splint is approx 38cm in length and circumference 22cm

How are the Splints packaged and posted?

The splints are individually wrapped in cellophane bags with a tag containing instructions for use and washing. The splints are posted in satchels in lots of 1-5.